Methye Portage

Methye Portage
   Also known as Portage La Loche. Named after the methye or loche (Lota maculosa), which has always been abundant in neighbouring waters. This portage was an important point in the palmy days of the fur trade. It leads from the Churchill to the Clearwater, and so to the Athabaska and the immense systems of northern and western waterways that lie beyond. It was noted for its beautiful scenery, which has been described or mentioned by Mackenzie, Franklin, Back, and other northern travellers. It was first crossed by Peter Pond in 1778. The route has now been abandoned for some years, supplies for the northern posts of the Hudson's Bay Company being transported overland from Edmonton to Athabaska Landing, and thence down the Athabaska.
   Bib.: Burpee, Search for the Western Sea; Bryce, Hudson's Bay Company.

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